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Same-Day Cash Loans in Vancouver

A B C Jewellery & Loan Pawnbrokers Ltd is a fully-licensed pawnbroking business. We are legally licensed to buy, sell and loan in the Vancouver, British Columbia, jurisdiction. Whether you’re looking to acquire a same-day collateral loan, you’re looking for some new jewellery at a great price, or you’d like to sell those old collectables that have been collecting dust, stop by our shop today! When you stop by our pawn shop, you’ll be greeted with a smile from our courteous and professional staff. We understand the stress that financial constraints can cause, and we always do what we can to help our customers navigate difficult financial times. Whether you’ve incurred an unexpected expense or you need some cash for your utilities bill, we can help!


  1. Government issued photo identification (drivers licence, passport, BC ID)

  2. Age 19 years or older

  3. Collateral for a loan


All loans are valid for 3 months, and can be renewed if all interest is paid for the 3 month loan period.

Our loans are in cash; therefore, all payment are to be made in cash.

Collateral can be redeemed upon full payment of the loan amount and interest that has accrued.

There is no minimum payment period.

For loans $499 or lower, interest rate is 20% per month.

For loans above $500, interest rate is 10% per month.

Maximum annual percentage rate will not exceed 120%.


Pay back for a $100 loan over 3 months is $160

Pay back for a $500 loan over 3 months is $650


Jewellery (watches, gold, silver, diamonds)


Laptops (newer models)

TVs (newer models)

High-end musical instruments


Video games



Other items with resale value

Although we prefer to have all customers fulfill their payments for the loans that we issue, if a loan becomes negligent beyond the loan period agreed upon, we reserve the right to then make your collateral available for sale in order to recoup losses to our business. However, there are instances where a customer is diligently trying to fulfill their payment obligations, but is unable to within the time frame stipulated; we will consider extensions or alternate payment arrangements at our discretion. Calling ahead or visiting the store to make arrangements is required if this scenario arises.

Please ensure you keep your loan/pawn ticket in a safe place in order to redeem or renew your loan without complications. If your ticket is misplaced, please advise us immediately in person with identification.

More details and terms regarding loans are available at our store. This information is provided to you on our website in a general sense, and you will be required and obligated to read our legal agreement terms in store at the time of your loan transaction on our loan documentation.

Thank you,

A B C Jewellery & Loan

Contact Us

Feel free to give us a call if you would like to know more about our collateral loan services!

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